Season 2 is kicking off strong with A is for Anxiety Management! Every episode this season will focus on tools leaders can use to improve their abilities, especially if you're new to leading people towards a common vision.

One real challenge is dealing with anxiety and learning how to manage it when it starts to influence your decisions and morale. In this episode, I conduct an interview via Zoom with Kip Brooks of The Brooks Empowerment Academy.

Kip tells his story about where the anxiety started in him and how he went through alternating periods of "sucking it up" to full blown panic attacks at work.

Then there was a turning point in his life where he managed to gather all that he had learned to push through a tense moment of what he thought was life or death for his newborn. Once he pushed through, Kip kept building his skills which ultimately led to a new career in helping others!


7:20- when anxiety struck the job he was good at

14:24- the bad advice he got about how to handle his attacks

17:18- the life changing moment towards managing symptoms

21:51 - what Kip does now..empowers people! 

Brooks Empowerment Academy

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