C is for Confidence.

The BLUF: Build confidence in yourself before you build it in your team.  It's a process, and just because you're good at your job doesn't mean you're 100 percent ready to teach others at the next level. However, confidence-building is something you can start right now to make yourself a more effective leader. 

I interview a confidence coach, Murray Unger, and ask about where he got started in his career, to include his lowest moments. Murray will discuss his specific tools and habits that he teaches all his clients. Listen in and take note so you can have less stress and more success with confidence building!

Show notes:

4:12- when Murray saw his low points

7:55- Murray's go-to tool when he sees himself slumping

15:00- how different ways of hearing info are more effective

19:00- Murray's barriers with coworkers and subordinates before he learned his confidence-building skills


Murray Unger's IG is @murrayunger

Murray's Coaching Facebook Page 

If you're ready to start having less stress and more success, go to this link and sign up for two FREE Gifts.

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