When you get into management and leadership, it's easy for your self-care to slip. Your planned times to work out and eat right can get muddled.

So how do you stay on track?

I enlisted help from my good friend Charity Borlek. She is a fitness and nutrition expert that runs her own gym just north of the Bay Area in California.

But, more importantly, she is someone who had her own health struggles as she became an entrepreneur that, ironically, lost track of her health while she was teaching others to manage their own.

This interview will help you to maintain less stress and more success with your health.

4:30 The deception other trainers put out with a "cut the excuses" and aggressive approach

7:05 Why 10 minutes is enough to get started

11:00 how to get a "runner's high" without running ( I hate running)

18:20 how Charity found out "the hard way" that not scheduling her own care created an illusion of not being "stressed out".

22:45 Charity's self-image and how it helped her special clients

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