America is coming out of the pandemic.

Leaders will be going back to the workspaces and interact for longer with coworkers and customers.

How do you do that successfully after being virtually isolated for more than a year?

The key is nature. And this episode's guest, Gabriel Kram, is well-schooled in how nature helps human beings restore themselves for each other.

Gabriel is a connection phenomenologist that has brought schools, companies, and other organizations closer together and more productive by increasing their awareness of self and others.  His book , Restorative Practices of Wellbeing, can be ordered here.

This episode features a deep and intriguing exploration of restorative practices.

-What happens when we're missing the oxytocin exchange (2:38) 

-My experiences with going to the beach during the pandemic (17:02)

- How coexistence of order and chaos restore us (24:12)

- Where nature can be found if you don't live anywhere near "nature" 

-Gabriel's book/ application (42:00)

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