Once you decide to hire people to work towards your vision, you've got to establish your work culture. But before you decide how people are going to approach the job, you need to meet them where they're at. I learned most of my culture lessons while working at 4H Summer Camp. Take my lessons and you'll end up hiring the best employees at the start!

This episode's meme cover is another original from the folks at Meme Up Business. You can find them on facebook.com/memeupbusiness. Get custom memes and gifs for your business!

Show Notes:

* How I learned to accept people's cultures through hunting

* Rowdy boys teaching me how to meet people where they're at

* Using creative rules to establish culture

* How to create your culture during the hiring process

Special thanks to Millstone 4 H Camp in Ellerbe, North Carolina. I left that place a better person!

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