S is for Sleep

The myth of "if you're sleeping, you're not working hard enough" is still running rampant. But there's too much practical research showing that lack of sleep eventually has significant, negative consequences on your health. And if you're not around to lead, or you're leading at 50% mental capacity, what's the point?

I talk about what's actually happening to you while you sleep, the different sleep zones, and four areas where you can make practical changes to improve the quality of your sleep. I also consulted with a sleep expert and friend Dr. Rachel Markwald, who just returned from studying sleep habits of the world's greatest Navy at sea!

Trust me, I know about this. I had horrible sleep AFTER I got out the military. I suffered from sleep paralysis as well! It's scary. 

When you're done with the episode, visit my page for supportive, peer-reviewed resources.

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